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Cooperation for schools

From the very beginning, school is a fundamental part of everyone's career

Young people above everything else are in need of opportunities, inspiration, knowledge and support.
They tend to be creative, and we want to raise that creativity to the highest level and give them the right start.

We understand how important development options are for schools, so we are open to discussing and organising career alternatives for your students together.

Thanks to our international partners, we are able to offer internships with option of direct on-site training & learning in the trade and a foreign language. We will work together with the school in order to determine a right model and form of cooperation.
We will adapt every detail according to your needs and help you to organise whole project.

Why it's worth to start a cooperation with us?

Our vision is to work directly with schools, with a strong focus on vocational and technical high schools & colleges. The combination of crafts, technology and new technologies is the ideal dimension to see work, through the prism of continuous development, in a completely new perspective. In this direction we are seeing a dynamic development of the labour markets and their future.

We are developing innovative projects and build capacity from the very beginning and ensure valuable integration of students into working life.

Open cooperation between European partners from education and industry is our speciality. We combine these two worlds in a skilful manner and maintain appropriate partnership standards.

We believe that nothing shapes a young person better than practical learning, own experience and finally the opportunity to choose according to their needs and predispositions. Our partners are committed to constantly creating well-chosen leaders and teams that will set trends on the labour market. Young people are full of energy and willingness to act > this can lead to smart solutions.

Young professionals can make use of our network of contacts and our extensive knowledge & teaching facilities, receiving competent support - from induction to further education and training.

We protect the safety of entire project, using only trusted and checked partners. We continously reduce the risk of unwanted situations


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