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EuroPoint Consulting is an innovative way of connecting the three foundations of your career.

Through our services we connect the right candidates with the right employers, bearing in mind the constant changes that are taking place in the European labour market.
By supporting the school-university community, we offer the prospect of efficient development of theoretical, practical and business skills.

We provide networking opportunities for all interested parties at every stage of the professional path of various industries.

With the help of our international contacts, know-how and personal capabilities, we are confident that we can handle even the most demanding tasks. What counts for us is the effective implementation through the most suitable methods and tools. We always analyse the needs of our partners in order to offer the best possible solution.

How can we help you?


Change is not a bad as long as it is considered thoroughly. Every change is your chance.

Your thoughts should be followed by proactive action. Proactivity is the quality that will give you the prosperity and harmony to achieve what you want.

Prosperity and harmony have to be earned – you will only gain them if you are given the choice. You are in the right place!

To make good use of this moment, we recommend you to complete the MBTI test. It is a self-descriptive questionnaire, the results of which will very accurately indicate your preferences in the way you perceive the world and make daily decisions. It will help you understand why you do things the way you do. You will understand yourself even more, you will be able to select your abilities and it will be easier for you to define your goals.

Knowing yourself and working on yourself is the best key to success. Knowing your strengths and limitations, you should focus on them in order to find the best version of yourself, as well as identifying the weaknesses you need to work on.

The MBTI test is free, you can find it easily online.


When we analyse the European labour market we agree with the statement that we live in the human era. Man is the best investment, it is people that should be invested in. By following this approach as one of our foundations, we have created a platform on which you are now. You will find here tools for your further progress, which will lead you step by step to the planned SUCCESS.