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At the beginning we always try to understand your needs

Before the collaboration takes place, we work together to determine the best form of cooperation to achieve desired goal. Together we will choose clear rules of operation. After determining the details, we conduct the entire recruitment process from a to z. We are flexible and not afraid of the most demanding challenges

With our fresh, experience-based approach, we are revolutionise the HR industry by taking care of every last detail. We want to avoid the common mistakes in this circle, which mostly cause waste of time & budget and create additional problems such as lack of proper feedback or planning.

We always respect our customers’ time and productivity.
We are using a proprietary digitised system that ensures a transparent flow of information and quick response.


Our cooperation starts with fundamental questions which will allow us to choose an adequate model of cooperation and to adjust a concrete plan of action. We pay attention to important details and keep you informed about them on an ongoing basis.

We have a digitised, dedicated CRM system for handling clients and candidates. Thanks to it we are able to meet the most demanding needs. We are working on transparent processes.

We are well aware that constructive feedback is a big part of cooperation. On this basis of that, we build mutual relationships and strive to achieve established goal.

Global experience has developed in us the ability to bridge cross-cultural differences at different professional levels. The founders of EuroPoint Consulting perfectly know and understand the start-up & corporate environment.

We are consistently pursuing our common goal based on the above mentioned points. We are fully aware of the processes occurring in companies from various sectors. Therefore, we approach each task flexibly and dynamically.

Well managed recruitment is a certain financial saving. By our actions we minimise the risk of consequences of inadequate selection of candidates.

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What makes us successful?

Focused on individual needs, we know what customer communication should look like.

Each feedback from us is well prepared and tailored to the mutual agreement.

In order to save your time and budget, we use a dedicated system that efficiently monitors the entire process of selecting the right candidates.